How can I find a Sacramento bail agent?

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How can I find a Sacramento bail agent?

When you need a bail bond agent you need to find someone who is dependable, honest and good at their job. And the sooner you find that person, the quicker you'll be out of jail!

Asking friends and family for recommendations is a good place to start. If they have personal experience using the services of a bondsman or know someone who has been through the process, they might be a good resource.

If you already have an attorney, he or she can probably recommend a bail bond agent who they have worked with on previous occasions. Because they already have a professional relationship there is an increased chance that the process will go smoothly for you.

Many people turn to the internet in this situation and if you do an effective search, you are likely to find a bondsman who will serve you well.

When you search the web, here are some tips that should help.

Use the Google search engine. It's not perfect, but is the best one out there! There are a lot of technical factors that come into play for this but Google search is the choice of 86% of all searches for a reason. Call us now at (916) 444-6868!

Look carefully at the results it gives you. the first three are usually "fillers" and the next three or four are paid advertisements. Below that are either nine or 10 (never more than 10) actual results. Scroll thruogh the to find websites of actual bail bondsmen. That's better than you get with Bing, Yahoo or Duckduckgo!

When you click on a search result, look CAREFULLY at the website! A local phone number (area code 916 or 530) is a good sign but dig deeper! Do they have a physical office in Sacramento? And how close is that office to the Sacramento County Jail at 651 I Street? A closer location means less travel time and that may mean you get out faster. Make sure they're not just operating on the web using a toll-free number phone number. It's important that they have a face-to-face relationship with the jail staff and have some knowledge of the local courts.

Confirm that the bondsman is licensed to operate in California. You can check their license status through the California Department of Insurance by visiting their website.

At Atlantis Bail Bonds, we can work with you and post the bond that will get you out of jail!

We are open 24/7, are located one block from the County Jail and are licensed to post bail bonds in Sacramento and all other counties in California!

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