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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?
In the state of California, bail amounts are regulated on a county-by-county basis. The courts in each county create what is called a "Bail Schedule" which specifies the amount of bail for each particular criminal offense. A bail bond is a promissory note for a specific amount of money that must be posted with the court in exchange for releasing the detainee from custody. Once the court has set the bail amount for an accused person, the bail agent must provide the court with documents indicating that the specific amount will be paid if the accused fails to appear in court as scheduled. The bond is retained by the court until the legal process results in either an acquittal, conviction, or dismissal of the pending charges. The State of California limits the fee a bonding agency can charge to no more than 10% of the total value of the bail bond.

What is a "1275 Hold"?
In some circumstances, commonly cases involving felony drug charges, the District Attorney may be suspicious about where the accused person gets their money. Money acquired by illegal means, or property purchased with those funds, cannot be used to post a bail bond or to hire a bail bond agency's services. If the District Attorney feels that the accused may not have access to a source of legitimate funds, as specified in California penal code section 1275, bail can be denied until proof is shown to the court that the funds are from a legitimate source. This can be a time-consuming and complicated process that can substantially delay a detainee’s release. At Atlantis Bail Bonds, we have a great deal of experience in the process of identifying the documents required to convince the District Attorney and the court that the funds in question come from a legitimate source and therefore the accused should be released on bail.

Which Offences are "Bailable"?
California law allows bail for the majority of criminal offences. A felony charge will usually require that the defendant post bail.

The eighth amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the imposition of excessively high bail. Most cases have a bail amount set forth in the bail schedule, except certain examples like murder or cases that threaten public safety. The court may be concerned about a defendant leaving the jurisdiction and may resort to a higher bail by adding together the bail from several charges, as opposed to just one charge.

Bail bonds are vacated if the defendant makes all of his or her scheduled court appearances. Funds or property that is put up as collateral on a bond are released at the conclusion of the legal proceedings, but the bail bond agency's fee is not refundable.

To make bail more affordable to our clients, we have discount programs and financing available for those who qualify.

If you have not been arrested, but think there might be an arrest warrant out for you, please contact us for a free confidential warrant check. If needed, you can then contact a lawyer to arrange a safe "Warrant Surrender", this procedure will allow you to safely and voluntarily turn yourself in to the authorities and possibly make bail arrangements ahead of time.

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