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Warrant Surrender, Safe Surrender

If you discover that there is a warrant out for your arrest, you have the right to turn yourself in at a local police station, sheriff's office or state police headquarters. This is commonly referred to as "surrendering to the warrant". Law enforcement officers will take you into custody and you will then be booked and fingerprinted. At that point, you may be released once a pre-approved bail has been paid and you have been assigned a new court date; or you may be brought before a judge who will then decide if you should be detained or released on bail.

The benefit for you? A person who surrenders to a warrant is frequently looked upon favorably by both law enforcement authorities and the courts. It shows that you want to take responsibility for your action rather than running from the police. This might be the difference between being given bail versus remaining in custody until at least the next court date.

If you do have an outstanding warrant and decide to surrender, you should probably contact an attorney to get legal advice. An attorney will be able to tell you the likelihood of being taken into custody, the trial procedure and your various options and choices. The lawyer may also be able to negotiate with the court to set the bail amount before you surrender. If that is the case, you can contact a bail agency, like Atlantis Bail Bonds and arrange bail in advance to speed up the process. Contacting a lawyer will cost you money, but it may well be the best investment you will ever make.

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