Bail agent near Sacramento jail?

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Bail agent near Sacramento jail?

If you are arrested anywhere in Sacramento County, no matter which agency makes the arrest or where you are taken into custody, you will eventually be taken to the County Jail to be "booked". It is not possible to post bail before the booking process is completed because it is the charges that determine the bail amount.

The Sacramento County Main Jail is located downtown at 651 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814. Because the agent who posts the bail bond must submit the paperwork in person at the desk, hiring an agent with offices near the jail is always a good idea. Travel time from a bail agent's office to the jail is something to be considered especially if that office is not near and is across town or in another city. If you want to get out fast, every minute can seem like an hour.

At Atlantis Bail Bonds, our offices are located at 723 J Street, just a couple of blocks from the jail. We picked that location because it is near enough to the jail that we can just walk over with the paperwork. No delays for travel or parking, just a short walk and a quick filing.

Hiring n bail agent with offices that are near the Sacramento County jail could mean you might be released sooner. And isn't that what you really want?

We are open 24/7 and are licensed to post bail bonds in Sacramento and all other counties in California!

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