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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. In Stockton, California, people get arrested every day, even including the Mayor! Just because someone is taken into custody, that doesn't mean they are guilty of anything. If your friend or relative has been arrested in Stockton, bail is the quickest way to get them out.

After someone is taken into custody by the Sheriff or local police, they are taken to the County Jail at 999 W Mathews Road in French Camp, usually within a few hours. Once the amount of bail has been set, a bail agent can post the bond and the individual will be released. Of course you want to get them out fast, but you also want a bail bond agency that will work with you to make the bail affordable. For those who need bail in the Stockton Metro area, we have several discount programs, including discounts of up to 20% off the standard rate for clients who have already hired a lawyer or are members of a union. You may also qualify for financing as part of an affordable payment plan.

We arrange bail in Stockton for frequently-seen offenses such as felony DUI and various criminal charges and can also handle complicated bonds such as those involving a 1275 hold (in which the court requires proof as to the source of the funds used to post a bail bond). As one of Stockton's top-ranked bail agencies, we can do it all!

How much is bail in Stockton and San Joaquin County? It can vary depending on the charges involved, but the official guidelines can be seen and downloaded here. The bail for a single charge can be as much as $2,000,000! If multiple charges are lodged against a defendant, the total can be very high indeed! That's why our discount programs and payment plans can be a big help in getting someone released on bail. When your relative or friend is in jail, we're here to help. Call us today, they could be home tonight!

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