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In Sacramento law, as is the case for all of California, unlawful acts are divided into two categories; "infractions" and "criminal acts".

If your relative or friend has been arrested and is in jail, call us at Atlantis Bail Bonds today! We will work with you to post bail and get them out fast! Infractions:
  • These are generally considered to be violations of codes that do not carry penalties that involve time in jail or prison for the violation itself.
  • Example - adding a new room to a house, without getting the proper permits would likely be considered an "infraction", while offering a building inspector money to ignore the problem would almost certainly be considered a "criminal act".
Criminal Acts:
  • Activities that are violations of statutory law and may incur penalties involving jail time or a prison sentence can be described as "Criminal" acts, in that a "crime" has been committed.
  • Often, someone who has been arrested for a crime will be required to post bail, a "Criminal Bond", before he or she will be released from custody.
  • The dollar amount of the bail is determined by a bail schedule that is set by each county. The more seriously the Law views the crime that has been committed, the higher the bail is likely to be.
  • A serious crime may warrant a high bond amount, often more than an average person can raise in cash. That's where a bail agent comes in. The bail agent, or "Bondsman" can post the criminal bond, taking responsibility for the entire amount, in exchange for a fee that may be as little as 8-10%.
  • Call us right away and we can make arrangements to get your relative or friend out of jail fast!

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