How much is drug possession bail in Sacramento?

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How much is drug possession bail in Sacramento?

The charges involved for drug possession (on which bail will be based) in Sacramento will vary depending on the type of drug involved, the amount of drugs and several other circumstances. for example, simple Possession, Possession for Sale or Transportation for Sale is $20,000 for less than 1/2 ounce but rises to $1,000,000 if more than 10 pounds are involved. By contrast, the bail is just $5,000 for possession of Marijuana, only if deft has prior PC667(e)(2)(c)(iv) prior or is PC 290(c) registrant, but possession with intent to sell doubles that cost. If the controlled substance is Methamphetamine or PCP, the bail amount doubles.

The amount of bail required is set by a panel of judges and are defined in the Sacramento County Bail Schedule.

Possession of materials or precursors with intent to manufacture methamphetamine or PCP is usually $75,000 bail bond in Sacramento County.

How much is drug possession bail in Sacramento? The short answer is that it can be anywhere between $5,000 and $1,000,000 or much more. Contact us to find out how affordable it can be to post bail for you!

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