How much is felony bail in Sacramento?

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How much is felony bail in Sacramento?

A felony is the most serious category of crime. Usually a felony charge carries a sentence of at least more than one year to be served in a state or federal prison. Sentences for misdemeanor crimes are typically served in the County Jail.

The amount of bail required for a felony are set by a panel of judges and are defined in the Sacramento County Bail Schedule.

If no "presumptive" bail has been set forth for a particular felony, the bail is set at $10,000.

If you are charged or booked for more than one felony and two or more of the offences constitute "violent felonies", the price of bail would be the combined amount unless a particular charge qualifies under the "stacking" prohibition (Penal Code Section 667.5(c)). The cost of felony bail can vary substantially. For example, drug charges relating to "Possession, Possession for Sale or Transportation for Sale" range from $20,000 (less than one-half ounce) to $1,000,000 (more than ten pounds).

The bail for "Gross Vehicular Manslaughter" (while Intoxicated) is $100,000, but with certain priors can rise to $1,000,000.

How much is felony bail in Sacramento? The short answer is that it can be anywhere between $10,000 and $1,000,000 or more. Contact us to find out how affordable it can be to post bail for you!

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