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Visit Jail Auburn CA

Since the new jail in Roseville began operating in early 2014, long-term detainees have been housed in the old ( built in 1985) county jail in Auburn, California.

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  • The "Main" jail is on 2775 Richardson Drive just off Atwood Road, Auburn CA 95603
  • The "Minimum Security" jail visitation facility is at 11701 Go For Broke Rd., Roseville
  • The Auburn jail was originally designed to hold 108 inmates, by 1990, the population hit 272.
  • Phones are provided for inmates to make outgoing collect telephone calls only.
  • Visitors must have valid, government-issued ID with photo (License, Military, Passport, Immigration, state-issued ID card)
  • Visitors may NOT wear: halter tops, bathing suits, plunging neck lines, sleeveless attire, short-shorts or mini skirts
  • Phones in visiting area are monitored and recorded
  • Visitors may be subject to search by sheriff's personnel of their persons and immediate property while on the premises of the facility at any time.
  • Full details of jail visitation are here.

Placer County Jail in Auburn

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