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Visiting Yuba County Jail

The Yuba County jail, constructed in 1962, is located on the north side of the county courthouse in Marysville on Sixth Street between "B" and "C" Streets. Its capacity is 428 prisoners, generally representing about 160 being held on contracts with ICE, and the remaining 214 county prisoners who are sentenced to county jail or are awaiting trail or sentencing.

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Public Visitation Rules:

A valid picture identification will be required of all visitors. Any identification other than the ID listed below, must be approved by the visiting clerk or the Shift Supervisor.
  • The following identification is acceptable:
  • Valid Driver's License with photo
  • Valid State Identification Card with photo
  • Valid Military Identification Card with photo
  • Valid Passport with photo
  • Valid Immigration Card ("Green Card")
  • Persons under the age of 18 years, who are not accompanied by an adult, will be permitted to visit, provided they can show acceptable identification and abide by the visiting rules. If you bring in a minor whose age could be questionable, please bring proof of age, and be prepared to stay with that minor during their stay.
  • No person who is obviously intoxicated shall be allowed admittance, and is further subject to arrest.
  • Visitors shall be properly dressed or visiting privileges will be refused. Shoes or sandals and shirts are required for both children and adults.
A complete set of rules and schedules for visiting the Yuba County Jail can be found HERE.

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