Who can post my bail in Sacramento?

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Who can post my bail in Sacramento?

Almost anyone arrested in Sacramento County who is eligible for bail should contact a bail bonds agent. Unfortunately, that is very difficult to do if you are still in jail. If you have been taken into custody, you will need to have someone else arrange to bail you out.

Any adult can contact a bail bond agency on your behalf. A bail bond is largely a financial transaction, essentially a loan. Often it is a relative; a parent, spouse, sibling or cousin who contacts the bail bondsman, but it can also be a close friend, employer or business associate. The only requirement of who can post your bail is that the person has to be willing to take responsibility for making sure that you show up for all your court appearances and have financial assets large enough to cover the amount of bail.

Technically, the question of "Who can post my bail in Sacramento?" is open-ended. The person who contacts the bondsman could even be a complete stranger who doesn't know you at all. However, bail agents would generally prefer that the person arranging the bond have an established relationship with the person who is being bailed out. A family member or long-standing friend will have confidence in your character and will be actively involved in helping you show up for your court dates.

If you are in jail and need to be released, who you call will make a big difference. Be sure you call someone you are confident will reach out to your friends and relatives to find out who is willing and able to work with a bail bond agent to get you out.

We are open 24/7 and are licensed to post bail bonds in Sacramento and all other counties in California!

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