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Jail Location - 1077 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City, CA 95993

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Inmate Search in Yuba City

Yuba City is where you will find of the Sutter County Jail.


Courtesy of Yoba City Jail

Everyone who is arrested in Yuba City will be taken to the Sutter County Jail in Yuba City. The jail is located at 1077 Civic Center Boulevard Yuba City, CA 95993.

We are committed to getting your relative or friend released from jail quickly, and that's why we offer discount bail rates and even payment finance plans for those who qualify.

When someone gets arrested in Yuba City, their family and friends rarely have enough cash on-hand to cover the cost of the bail bond. We attend to all the paperwork needed to get someone released from custody.

Bond Agents don't determine the amount of the bail the court demands. The Bail amount is set by the Court and we don't have any control over that. What we are able to do is work with our clients to make the expense of arranging a bond affordable. Generally speaking, people don't buy a car with a single bundle of cash. Most people arrange financing through the dealer or with a bank or credit union which accepts monthly, scheduled payments. Why should posting a bail bond be any different?

We accept almost major credit cards and committed to doing everything possible to make the bail process as smooth and affordable as possible. Call us right now and your friend or relative could be back in their Yuba City home tonight!

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